Saturday, September 22, 2012

Welcome Home Barry and Emilee

Mom and Dad Bunkers are Home!!!
Stewarts parents have been on a mission in Ecuador for the past year and although they didn't come home on their expected time schedule, we are SO happy to see them!
They arrived in St. George late on Tuesday September 11 and came out to Logandale on Saturday to see all the family :)

 The Bunker Boys are back together again! The first thing they did was to check out all the horses to see how they are doing.

 They visited at our house for a while catching up on the many months they have been away.

 They got Gus a hat from Ecuador....maybe he will like it when it's actually cold out

Grandpa Bunker was trying to get Gus to like him, I think he is off to a good start :)
We went to Braden and Marcus's Parks and Rec soccer game. Marcus said he made, "Only one goal." (That's pretty good for a 4 year old!)

After the soccer game we went to Erin's house for lunch. They got all the grandkids together for a picture, what a crazy crew! (Gus likes his cousin Bracken...)

Monday, July 16, 2012

4th of July

Happy 4th of July

We had a fun 4th of July as a family. I was on assignment to write an article on the celebration here in Logandale so we got to attend all the festivities.

Which includes the candy drop, Gus had fun picking up all the rootbeer candies because they had bright orange wrappers. I won't even let him eat those cause he could choke on them.

I took Gus into the water fight, he didn't like it so much in there. But it cooled us off so it felt good later

 We were waiting for the program to start. It took FOREVER to start. We were supposed to go light fireworks with Stew's sister and her family, but I couldn't leave until the program was over. Stew ended up going and Gus and I stayed behind. I was sad we wouldn't be together to be with Gus during the fireworks.

 So we watched the fireworks at the fairgrounds. Gus liked them, he would point and stare at the colorful explosions. And then.....

Dad came! He made it back from the reservior with his sister just in time!
We got to watch most of the fireworks together as a family :)
Gus was glad to have his dad, and Stew was glad to be with us too.
I guess someone called the cops on them at the reservior. They were just finishing up though so they had their fun.

Afterwards we came home and lit off some of the fireworks Stew saved, we did some sparklers for Gus. They were crappy sparklers though, note to self- don't buy fireworks at the stand by wally's, they are pretty crappy

We had a lot of fun celebrating the country's independance. While we were home for a few hours that day I decided to make some chocolate chip cookies. The recipe I found is sooooo good! Here is the link for the recipe...

Friday, June 22, 2012

Why not

Just Because I Feel Like Blogging

It has been way to long since I have blogged, I have nothing in particular to blog about right now so this will be a bunch of randomness.

Life Lately: I've been super busy writing articles for the MV Progress. By the time I get my articles done for the week I don't want to have to sit at the computer any more and write. Plus, Gus hates it when I'm sitting at the computer, so I have to hear him whine at me. ANNOYING.

READ THIS --> I have some fantastic news that I am excited to share :) Stew has been accepted to the Fire Department Rookie School. He will begin July 23, we are thrilled about this and we look forward to finally having a career that he can settle down in. As long as he has what it takes to get through the school ;) of course he does! He's a Bunker

Fun in the Sun: Well summer has begun, which means swimming! Now I'm not really a big swimmer myself, but I figure Gus needs to be a more accomplished swimmer than myself. I haven't been yet this summer, so Gus and I really should go to the pool or splash pad soon.

Socializ'n: I'm afraid I've been sheltering my child, he doesn't get out much. When I go out, it's usually to cover an event and unfortunatly it's hard to take Gus. He likes to run around and I just can't concentrate on getting the story when I'm chasing him. So I've decided to start taking him to the Library on Friday's for some socializ'n. We both had fun last week, he kind of helped paint a picture, and he explored the back yard of the library. He wasn't very interested in story time, he likes to be outside exploring more. Gus found a friend at the library too, Hailey is the sweetest little girl. She gave Gus so many hugs, he didn't know what to think, it was pretty funny.

Hailey and Gus huggin it out!

 This picture is super random, it was taken at the Young Farmer Rancher BBQ a couple weeks ago. We don't get many pictures of the three of us, so I thought I would throw it in here!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Home At Last

Friday, April 6 we finally got clearance to move into our new house! So I began prepping the house so we could move into it the next day. (I was a little impatient) The only room that really needed to be painted was Gus's room. It had an ...interesting blue green striped design that just had to go. The next day was Easter Saturday, also move in day for us. So instead of giving gus his Easter basket that morning, we started loading things up.

11:30 rolled around, time to go look for eggs with the Bunkers! So we took a three hour break from moving. Even though it was a Bunker get together, the best place we could think of to hide the eggs, was my mom's house. The kids had a blast! They played on the zipline, and hunted for Easter eggs. Amy fixed us lunch and we ate that on the lawn. My dad came up with the idea to fill the kids up with sugar by getting out the cotton candy maker! I started making the cotton candy, and cobwebs of candy were flying all over me! In my nose and on my arms, but the kids LOVED it. If that wasn't enough sugar, Amy had brought a pinata. So all the little people took a swing at it. I can just imagine the belly aches my neices and nephews had that night.

Back to the house...Casey, Karl, and Cole came to help us load more stuff intot he horse trailer. Two trips later we had most of our stuff. Now I had the fun job of unpacking it all!

I think that there are two good omens for my house....we got the clear to move in on April 6, which is a day that is significant to the church. AND when we were returning to the house on saturday evening, I looked up and saw an owl sitting on our roof!

So now that I have most of our stuff moved in and it is looking like a home, I want to show it off!

I LOVE my cabinets :) The color is what I would have chosen myself. And there are SO MANY of them. So the built in microwave doesn't work :/ I had to pull out another.

Note that I DO have a dishwasher :D
-except it leaks once in a while. I think its an easy fix though

Dining room table

The office desk that I also love

We really need to find a different entertainment center....Stew is pretty proud of the one that he found, but the glass table has GOT TO GO

Out the back door is a fenced in back yard :D The doggies and Gus play out there all day! It's so nice to just turn them loose and know they won't be wandering to far. Gus and his dogs are best buds already. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Gus is Number ONE!


February 6 was a big milestone for the Bunkers! We made it a whole year fairly smoothly. We only took him to the ER once (due to parent freak out, there was actually nothing wrong!) Its amazing how much he has grown in one short year.

Was this really only a year ago?

He had just started to hold his head up. Such simple milestones back then.

He grew so fast! He went from sitting up,

 to scooting

to walking at 9 1/2 months! (this isn't actually at 9 months)

Now he is a BIG boy!

Gus had a gooy birthday party.
It was barnyard themed so I made him a piggy cake 

The barnyard decor that I slaved over a good portion of the day

 Piggy cupcakes for the kids

The Pinneaple Pudding Pig cake

Onto the actual party:

 We sang to him and let him eat his cake! He was a little unsure about it at first but Stew put some frosting on his lips to give Gus a little taste of the yummy goodness. Then Gus caught on and dug in!
Everyone else had ice cream and some cake.

 Time to unwrap his presents....everyone helped! I was just glad Gus kept his cool and didn't get overwhelmed. It was a pretty crazy house!

Stew got Gus a tow truck

I LOVE my birthday boy! He has made this year full of fun and learning. I look forward to many more years with my buddy

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Heart torn in two

Well I left Gus for two and a half days, which makes it the longest period of time I have left him. It was hard, and I missed him a ton! But I think all in all it was good for everyone. Stew and Gus had some father son time, and I had some "me" time in Heber UT. I went to a Utah Young Farmer & Rancher (YF&R) convention. I had a great time there and learned a ton, I have already blogged about it in the farm bureau blog so I don't want to blog about it again. Go to to see my AMAZING post :)

So this post is mostly about what Stew and Gus did while I was gone.

They headed up to St. George to watch (and crawl themselves without having to pay a stupid $65 fee to be apart of the "group") an organized rock crawl activity.  It wasn't just them, Dalen Whitmore and Aaron Preciado went too. And the AMAZING pictures are curtisy of Aaron. Thanks AP!!!!!

Ok my heart melted when I saw this one!

Getting in the jeep, gonna have some fun!

Now that looks like fun! no?

Gus look at the road!!!!

Stew, Dalen, and Gus

Daddy is gonna run Gus over!

Its good to see that Stew was trying to feed Gus

Well it looked to me like everyone had fun. I'm glad the boys got to have their play time while I had mine. Once again, you should check out my weekend on

Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas!

We had the biggest/messiest christmas yet of our short married life. I think it is safe to say that the whole family had fun and was excited about what they received AND gave. But the most important are the memories we created.

I totally splurged on Stew and gave him a saddle to be proud of!
I think I was more excited than he was

 But he gave me thank you kisses :)

 The place was a mess! but o so fun filled. Here you can see Gus's gifts, the tractor, the dump truck, and he got lots more but they are hidden by the craziness

Just had to show off the saddle one more time

O I can't forget to brag about what Stew did for me, he got me a CRICUT and a KITCHEN AID!
I have used and thouroughly enjoy both of them.

We got alot of video of gus and got the camara out later as an after thought and took these pics, but it looks like he was playing with something and we forgot to get an actual picture of him! :(
well at least we have a whole bunch of him recorded on video for our records :)