Saturday, September 22, 2012

Welcome Home Barry and Emilee

Mom and Dad Bunkers are Home!!!
Stewarts parents have been on a mission in Ecuador for the past year and although they didn't come home on their expected time schedule, we are SO happy to see them!
They arrived in St. George late on Tuesday September 11 and came out to Logandale on Saturday to see all the family :)

 The Bunker Boys are back together again! The first thing they did was to check out all the horses to see how they are doing.

 They visited at our house for a while catching up on the many months they have been away.

 They got Gus a hat from Ecuador....maybe he will like it when it's actually cold out

Grandpa Bunker was trying to get Gus to like him, I think he is off to a good start :)
We went to Braden and Marcus's Parks and Rec soccer game. Marcus said he made, "Only one goal." (That's pretty good for a 4 year old!)

After the soccer game we went to Erin's house for lunch. They got all the grandkids together for a picture, what a crazy crew! (Gus likes his cousin Bracken...)

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